Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Welcome to the new Unofficial Temple Run 2 Users Guide.  The goal here is to discuss tips, strategy and reveal hidden secrets within the Temple Run 2 game (both on IOS and Android).  Just to set the record straight, I am not an expert at this game.  I am like many of you, learning how to play as I go and trying to find any tips or secrets.  I am hoping that we can all work together as a community to rock this game and have some fun sharing our experiences!   Check back often, I will be updating this guide quite a bit in the next few days!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Readers Corner

Name the best tricks that you've found in TR2.  You can comment anonymously.  I am hoping that we together can gather a good list!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Hidden Tricks

This section is intended to discuss any hidden tricks, tips or bonuses that we uncover.  I am looking for any hidden passageways, maneuvering tricks, etc...   If they are out there, hopefully we can find them.   If you know of any, please add in the comment section!

1.  I was originally curious about the large round boulder on the left of the path - does this ever move or roll?  Is there a hidden way of moving it?  After playing the game for awhile now and trying various maneuvers, I don't believe that there are any tricks associated with this boulder (at least I haven't found any!)
Is that large round boulder just decoration or is there something hidden?

2.  When sliding down the rope - how do you jump to the first level when there are 2 levels as you slide down?  After playing awhile now, I don't think that its possible to get to this level.

How do you get to that upper level?

3.  When coming to the cliffs, sometimes you can see islands or structure out over the cliffs.  Is there a way to get to them??  After playing awhile now, I don't think that you can get to this island.  What would you do once you got there anyway, right?  :-)

The mystical floating island - can you ever get there?

Whats up with the tower hovering out there?

4.  Anyone find any hidden items in the mine tunnels?  After playing awhile now, I have yet to find any hidden items or tunnels here.  I am amazed that they hadn't made at least one secret passage way in here somewhere. 

Anything hidden in these tunnels perhaps?

5.  Ok, I just had to add this.  How many of you went sailing off this cliff the first couple times that you played?   I think that it took me 3 or 4 tries until I stopped dying at this spot .  In case you are not aware, there are paths to the left and right before the cliff - just swipe left or right to avoid your death!

Those hills in the distance look very inviting 

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Levels and Objectives

ObjectivesAs you play this game, you will be given objectives to accomplish.  Advancing up to various levels will give you substantial new capabilities that will help you get higher scores. They are well worth pursuing. 

Score Multiplier:  Each objective that you complete also will increase your score multiplier by 1.  The higher your score multiplier, the higher scores you will get!

I will be adding all of the added capabilities per level to this blog as I gather the information, so check back often!

Ability Upgrades

Building your capabilities is the key to getting high scores and more enjoyment from this game.  As you gather coins, investing them in these various ability boosts is essential.  The first one or two purchases per category are a bargain but as you can see, the cost of the more advanced abilities increases dramatically.

My favorite abilities, as you can see below, is increasing coin value, boost distance, pickup spawn and power meter.  Score multiplier is also important. 

Definitions of each Ability:

Coin Value:  Sets how far you have to run before you start seeing the blue coins which are worth triple points.

Shield Duration:  Sets how long your shield will last once activated.  The more you advance this ability, the longer the shield will last.  Shield allows you to avoid tripping over hazards (logs, bridges, streams...) but doesn't save you from missing a turn or dropping into a chasm.  It also lasts only once - after it protects you from a trip, it is gone.

Coin Magnet:  Sets how long the coin magnet will last once activated.  The more you advance this ability, the longer your coin magnet will last.

Boost Distance:  Sets how long the fast-forward boost distance will last once activated. 

Pickup Spawn:  Increases the frequency that boosts will appear during your run.

Power Meter:  Increases the speed that your power meter fills up as you gather coins.  Faster fill up = quicker time to get to your boost.

Save Me:  Pay less gems to resurrect yourself after you die.  Critical to keeping that long run going even longer!

Head Start:  You can buy a Head-Start for less and less coins as you build up this ability (which ironically costs more and more coins).  It gives you about a 1000m head start

Score Multiplier:  Increases the rate at which you score as you run.  Thanks to a commenter, here is additional definition:  For every meter you run, you get a number of points equal to your Score Multiplier. For every coin you collect, you get a number of points equal to your Score Multiplier x5. Every time you use the Bonus Score powerup, you get a number of points equal to your Score Multiplier x1600. None of the above values account for improving powerups with gems

Power-Up Overview

Overview:  This section provides a brief overview of what each powerup provides.  These Power-Ups are new to Temple Run 2.  As you collect coins, the meter on the top right corner of the screen slowly builds.  Once it hits the top and turns green, you can activate them by double tapping anywhere on your screen.

If you know of any additional tips/tricks regarding the powerups, please comment!

The Shield:
The shield provides protection from tripping, jumping and ducking hazards.
It does not provide protection from missing a turn or falling off a cliff, into a river or chasm between bridges.  Shield also lasts for only one protection then is gone.  

The Fast-Forward Running Boost:
The running boost is my favorite.  It will fast forward you thru all turns and hazards.  It will not, however, steer you to pickup coins or other boosts.  You will have to do that yourself (at high speed).

The Mega-Coin Boost:
The mega-coin gives you a bunch of coins at once.

The Jewel Boost:
The jewel is another important boost - the more of these that you gather, the more you can renew yourself when you die.

The Magnet Boost:
There is also the Coin Magnet which sucks up all the coins as you run by. The best combo is getting the magnet then getting the fast-forward running boost.  Then you run super fast and collect ALL the coins.

Accumulating Coins and Jewels

You can buy coins if you want - but it will cost real money
Cost of Coins:
  • 5000:  $0.99
  • 50,000: $4.99 
  • 150,000: $9.99
  • 400,000: $19.99
  • Coin Doubler: $4.99

Cost of Gems:
  • 5:  $0.99
  • 50: $4.99 
  • 150: $9.99
  • 500: $19.99

Scooping up coins as you run is the best way

Red coins are double and Blue are triple - crank it up!

How to Move

Swipe Left/Right:  Pretty Obvious - swipe left or right to turn.

Jump:  You can jump over most obstacles and holes by swiping upward.

Slide:  You will have to slide under logs, low bridges, fires (jump or sliding will work) by swiping downward.

Double moves:  You can turn while you are jumping or sliding.  This feature seems to have been improved in Temple Run 2.

Focus on Priorities:  This may sound like common sense, but focus on not getting yourself killed!  If you focus too much on gathering coins and boosts (especially at high running speeds) you will be more likely to make a mistake.  So when the going gets tough, forget about the coins and focus on the path.

Trip on Purpose:  Occasionally you may want to trip up because in order to slow down your running speed. If you trip on purpose, the big monkey bird will chase you for awhile but he disappears after about 10 seconds and you will be running at a slower rate and thus less likely to die!  To trip on purpose, run over the tiles in the path or turn left/right when on a straight portion of the path.

Crumbling Paths that are half gone:
I found these darn paths a constant problem for me - usually I didn't tilt quick enough and fell off the cliff.  My solution now is to jump before getting to the broken portion of the path and then tilt while airborne.  This seems to give a much better chance of landing on the path!

Jumping before hitting the half broken path is a good way to avoid falling

Any other moves that I am missing?  Any trick moves?

Introducing Your Runners!

Guy Dangerous is the basic dude that you start with.
His powerup is the shield.

Scarlett Fox has my favorite powerup - the fast forward boost!
Scarlett can be unlocked for the bargain price of 5000 coins.

I haven't unlocked Barry Bones yet.
Unlocking Barry gives you the option to unlock instant 50 coin bonus when meter is filled.

I haven't unlocked Karma Lee yet.
Unlocking Karma gives you the option to unlock instant 500 coin bonus when meter is filled.