Friday, February 1, 2013

Hidden Tricks

This section is intended to discuss any hidden tricks, tips or bonuses that we uncover.  I am looking for any hidden passageways, maneuvering tricks, etc...   If they are out there, hopefully we can find them.   If you know of any, please add in the comment section!

1.  I was originally curious about the large round boulder on the left of the path - does this ever move or roll?  Is there a hidden way of moving it?  After playing the game for awhile now and trying various maneuvers, I don't believe that there are any tricks associated with this boulder (at least I haven't found any!)
Is that large round boulder just decoration or is there something hidden?

2.  When sliding down the rope - how do you jump to the first level when there are 2 levels as you slide down?  After playing awhile now, I don't think that its possible to get to this level.

How do you get to that upper level?

3.  When coming to the cliffs, sometimes you can see islands or structure out over the cliffs.  Is there a way to get to them??  After playing awhile now, I don't think that you can get to this island.  What would you do once you got there anyway, right?  :-)

The mystical floating island - can you ever get there?

Whats up with the tower hovering out there?

4.  Anyone find any hidden items in the mine tunnels?  After playing awhile now, I have yet to find any hidden items or tunnels here.  I am amazed that they hadn't made at least one secret passage way in here somewhere. 

Anything hidden in these tunnels perhaps?

5.  Ok, I just had to add this.  How many of you went sailing off this cliff the first couple times that you played?   I think that it took me 3 or 4 tries until I stopped dying at this spot .  In case you are not aware, there are paths to the left and right before the cliff - just swipe left or right to avoid your death!

Those hills in the distance look very inviting 


  1. On number two I think you can jump on the second level by double tap or click someplace.
    I am wondering how to get to the second level.

  2. I'm not sure if there really are hidden items in this game. I've yet to see any - has ANYONE found hidden items in TR2?


  4. This is not a trick. This is am issue I just came across.

    There is a functional flaw in temple run as follows:when running at a full pace you hit an obstacle, the monster comes right behind you. At the same time if you get a boost power up, your speed increases and the speed of the monster also increases. So if the monster is able to run faster why it can't catch u at the same time when u hit an obstacle. According to me, the implementation should be in such a way that if u get the power boost with monster running behind u, the monster should be out of focus as soon as your speed increases.

  5. Re: number 5. Yes, I fell like 5 times before realising I should turn!

  6. Here is how you get on the secret path above the rope: Once on the long rope in the start, a split second your on, swipe to the left 4 time, then a split second later, to the right 3 time. Then a second later, lean to the right as hard as you possibly can, then a split second after, once your as close as you can possibly get to the ledge, swipe up as hard as you possibly can. This is the real official way to get onto the secret ledge. I've done this myself. See what secrets you will obtain. Hope this helps -Jacob101-

    1. I've tried a thousand times to get on that upper level and it never works. Could you post a video on youtube to help me out?

  7. In the mine cart I glitched through the wall and kept going. I probably would've kept going infinitely but I accidentally tilted the device and fell.